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Wherever efficient material handling is needed, MecliftТМ is committed to assist you. Be it container handling, loading, unloading or lifting, or pallet handling, the patented, high technology of the company is designed to handle cargo at ports, railroads, airports, road transport, and factory grounds worldwide. In order to ensure the competitiveness of the customers, MecliftТМ assists with technical solutions, delivery scope, and schedules.

All container movers, variable reach trucks, side reach stackers and related attachments feature Finnish technical know-how, and innovation. Cargo handling industries are provided with state-of-the-art, innovative products that help improve productivity, cost efficiency, as well as environmental and occupational safety.

MecliftТМ has been founded in 1993 in Tampere, Finland. They have a long history on logistical innovations and have introduced several unique solutions to the markets.

Swift Cargo Ltd. is an official dealer of MecliftТМ for Bulgaria.

Variable Reach Trucks

The Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks are the only telehandler in the lifting capacity range up to 50 tons, which can be operated inside containers. This reliable forklift truck also features a unique reaching ability in its class. It lifts 20-feet containers from fork pockets and stacks them up to 3-high.

Model Capacity, support arm lift Range
ML1612R up to 16.000 kg@1.200 mm 2.500 mm
ML1812R up to 18.000 kg@1.200 mm 2.500 mm
ML3012RC up to 30.000 kg@1.200 mm 2.250 mm
ML4212RC up to 42.000 kg@1.200 mm 3.250 mm
ML5012R up to 50.000 kg@1.200 mm 2.250 mm


The Container Movers of Meclift are cost-efficient solution for terminal areas and locations, where there is need to move containers from place A to place B. This equipment handles all container sizes ranging from 20 to 45 feet, including High Cube containers, and lifts them on and off normal highway chassis. Our container handler can also be customized to handle one particular container size.

Model Capacity, support arm lift Lifting height
ML36CM up to 36.000 kg 2.020 mm
ML36CMt up to 36.000 kg 1.900 mm
ML36CMfx20 up to 36.000 kg


Equipped with different attachments Meclift™ Variable Reach Trucks can handle various loads and can be used in different applications such as metal industry, ports and logistics, military, stone handling, wood handling, moving of containers, etc.