Tyres for forklift trucks

To meet our customers` needs, we have a hydraulic press for assembling and dismantling of tyres for material handling equipment. We also have stock availability of tyres.
The well-known Swedish manufacturer TRELLEBORG offers a wide range of high quality tyres designed for the field of material handling, agriculture, building and construction and heavy duty applications.

Superelastic tyre

designed for use on forklifts
in light-duty applications

   Main benefits:

   - Steel-reinforced base

   - Available in standard black compound

   - Wear indicator built in to lug design

   - Recommendable work-load - up to 4 hours a day

Superelastic tyre

resilient - medium intensity applications

   Main benefits:

   - Block tread design

   - Enhanced stability-
     faster load positioning and cornering

   - Low rolling resistance for improved energy efficiency

   - Shock absorbance

Superelastic tyre

premium performance
for maximum intensity applications

   Main benefits:

   - Wear resistant

   - Stability on the road surface

   - PitStop Line system, ensuring 50-100 working hours for reaction

   - LOC system and non-marking option

   - Fulfills all the requirements of material handling equipment

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